Program Outcomes


You have to train fast to be fast. Our programs develop the right muscle groups that emphasize explosive power to help you deliver the blow and improve your first step speed and reaction time

Multi-Directional Speed 

Our program uses multi-plane strength exercises in combination with a progressive Speed, Agility and Conditioning program that improve cutting, acceleration, deceleration, and break-away speed


Strength train with a professionally designed program to become the strongest player pound for pound you can possibly be.  Our strength program creates not only strong players, but durable players who are well-rounded in all aspects and directions 

Rugby Prehab & Post-Rehab

Peerless Athletics designs every workout with you in mind...

  • Concussion prevention with neck strengthening exercises proven to decrease the severity of concussions

  • Customized stretching and strengthening exercises rugby players need to combat strains and sprains in the knees and open up the hips

Social Media Coaching

625+ videos in our exercise library at your fingertips

  • Get expert tips on form and live demonstrations of exercises to ensure safety and effectiveness

  • Desktop, tablet and mobile access

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