Program Outcomes

Rotational Power

Use customized rotational core exercises using bodyweight, medicine balls and dumbbells that will improve shot speed and help develop more accurate passes

Multi-Directional Speed

Multi-plane strength exercises combined with a custom Speed, Agility, and Conditioning program will drastically improve cutting, acceleration, deceleration, and break-away speed

Power Endurance 

Develop total body strength and stamina to outgun your opponent for 4 quarters

Lacrosse Prehab & Post-Rehab

Peerless Athletics designs every workout with you in mind...

  • Prescribed ankle mobilization and stretching drills to combat overuse injuries 

  • Custom ankle and knee stabilization drills to strengthen those areas that are susceptible to  ligament strains and sprains

Social Media Coaching

625+ videos in our exercise library at your fingertips

  • Get expert tips on form and live demonstrations of exercises to ensure safety and effectiveness

  • Desktop, tablet and mobile access

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