Program Outcomes

Rotational Power

Develop a faster shot and more accurate passing with rotational power exercises using bodyweight, medicine balls, and dumbbells


Strength on the ice not only improves your speed and quickness but also makes you a more durable player, better able to give and take hits


If you want to be fast, you have to train fast.  Use custom designed training exercises that target fast-twitch muscles that will improve first-step quickness on both offense and defense 

Ice Hockey Prehab & Post-Rehab

Peerless Athletics designs every workout with you in mind...

  • Concussion prevention with neck strengthening drills proven to decrease the severity of a concussion

  • Knee stabilization and stretches to build strength and combat sprains and tears

Social Media Coaching

625+ videos in our exercise library at your fingertips

  • Get expert tips on form and live demonstrations of exercises to ensure safety and effectiveness

  • Desktop, tablet and mobile access

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