As a Crossfit athlete, I have been searching for a way to increase my ability in strength, mobility and explosive power. I have tried many different programming methods over the years and the gains I have seen since following the Peerless Athletics program have been astonishing! Peerless has made me stronger by identifying imbalances and improved my abilities overall. By creating a program that was tailored for me, Peerless helped me unlock my potential.
— Chris Smith, Crossfit Athlete - Frederick, MD

Program Outcomes

Core Strength

Core strengthening means training every demand that you will need in a WOD; stability, anti-rotation, anti-flexion, anti-extension, power, strength and endurance


Follow a customized strength training program that will improve your performance, help you set a new PR, and help you become a more durable athlete


Maintain/improve your flexibility and mobility to minimize risk of injury or help a current tweak recover with a customized mobility/flexibility plan

Crossfit Prehab & Post-Rehab

Peerless Athletics designs every workout with you in mind...

  • Carefully selecting strength exercises that will strengthen a crossfitters shoulder and core making them more durable

  • Customized stretching exercises crossfitters need to combat overuse injuries in the shoulder and elbow

Social Media Coaching

625+ videos in our exercise library at your fingertips

  • Get expert tips on form and live demonstrations of exercises to ensure safety and effectiveness

  • Desktop, tablet and mobile access

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