Program Outcomes

Power Endurance

Maintain your pace longer and develop a strong finish with a program that will train all phases of the race through a variety of power and strength exercises using bodyweight, dumbbells and barbells


Runners who develop strong legs take longer strides and have faster times, they also fight fatigue longer throughout the race and are more durable athletes


By identifying the most common injuries to runners, we have a specific rehabilitation plan that will help you maintain flexibility and mobility throughout the season, keeping you healthy while others break down

Cross Country Prehab & Post-Rehab

Peerless Athletics designs every workout with you in mind...

  • Carefully selecting strength exercises that will strengthen a runner's legs to better absorb impact 

  • Customized stretching exercises runner's need to combat overuse injuries in the hips, knees, and ankles

Social Media Coaching

625+ videos in our exercise library at your fingertips

  • Get expert tips on form and live demonstrations of exercises to ensure safety and effectiveness

  • Desktop, tablet and mobile access

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