September 2014 Athlete of the Month: Tyler Wilkinson

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Tyler Wilkinson is a mathematics teacher and soccer/basketball coach at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD.  Tyler has been training with Peerless Athletics for 1 year and 6 months.  After a back injury, he started using Peerless Athletics as his training tool because he wanted a regimented workout that he knew was safe.

At just 23, Tyler suffered a herniated disc in L5,S1 and had a partial discectomy in April of 2013.

"The stuff I was doing in the gym 100%  put me at risk"  Tyler said.  " I was going to the gym and I would have a plan but I would just try to go heavy all the time.  I went into a 'cross-fit' type style of workout where I wasn’t focused on form, just on weight and pushing myself."

Unfortunately for Tyler, the injury to his back forced him to undergo surgery. Doctors told him the reason for his injury was due to the fact that he lacked core strength.  "I could do as many crunches as I wanted and had a six pack but they still told me my core was weak."

What gave Tyler the confidence to trust Peerless Athletics to help him rehabilitate after Physical Therapy?

"First of all, the whole flexibility series, foam rolling and stretching was stuff I did at PT.  The warm up and the activations/corrections were things I had done at PT and were in my (Peerless) program. This made me comfortable doing these workouts" Tyler said.

"Everything has a core component, which was a big thing coming out of surgery. 90% of the exercises use some type of core focus and you are reminded of that every time you watch one of the videos."

With Peerless Athletics, Tyler built up strength in his core and back and is actually stronger than he has ever been before. Through progression and time, Tyler has become the strongest version of himself over the past year and a half.

"I know my Clean is way stronger than it was, even when I was at my strongest before the surgery.  My 1 rep max was 185 and that was inconsistent.  Now I rep 185 like it's nothing."

"When I started I was dumbbell bench pressing 50 lbs, now I'm doing 80 lbs for 8 reps."

Even after a year and a half on the Peerless Athletics program, Tyler continues to see gains in his mobility, flexibility, strength and power.

"I like the variety of the exercises.  Every 3 weeks I get something new to work on and even now, a year into the program, I am getting exercises I haven’t done before.  I always have something I need to work on and I never get into a routine so I don’t get stagnate or bored.  And obviously, I have had positive results as well."

The programs not only helped Tyler understand the type of training that is necessary to build strength and power safely, but has also helped him teach the same concepts to his players.

"It helped with coaching and how to program for athletes. The stretching, the plyos and core exercises are things I use regularly with my teams.  And since I've done it before, I feel comfortable teaching it."

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