Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you have at least heard of the Paleo diet.  In short, the Paleo diet is a way of selecting what you eat by asking a simple question, “would a caveman/woman eat this?”  If the answer is “No”, then you do not eat it.  Below is a list of the foods you can/cannot eat on the Paleo diet. 


But is this diet right for you?  Here are the Pros and Cons:

Pro # 1 - You will probably lose weight

Weight loss will definitely happen.  Whether that is simply from a cut in your caloric intake and/or from switching to all natural food sources, we do not know.  All weight loss is not the same; the scale doesn’t measure how much muscle is lost versus how much fat is lost.


Con # 1 - You will probably lose strength, not ideal for an athlete

Typically, people do not do a great job of replacing foods they take away from their old diet with something that fits within the Paleo diet, calorie for calorie.  This is how a nutrient imbalance happens, leaving you tired, hungry and frustrated when training.  The cut in calories and the lack of carbohydrates for fuel/recovery is not a winning combination for building lean muscle or fueling workouts. 


Pro # 2 - There is not much thinking involved

It’s very simple to make food choices when you ask yourself, “Would a caveman eat this?”  There is no calculating or analyzing involved, just pure willpower.


Con # 2 - It is easy to overeat

There are no portion sizes in the Paleo diet.  A cut in calories due to eliminating certain foods will make you hungry.  However, that does not mean you can house an entire jar of peanut butter just because it fits the Paleo diet. 


Pro # 3 - You will eat more fruits/vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables makes you feel healthy and the anti-inflammatory properties of eating more green foods will help your digestion, blood sugar levels, and lower LDL levels.


Con # 3 - Doubts about it being sustainable

If you have personally tried the Paleo diet, or know someone who has, are they still on it?  Are they still seeing results?  Or are they in an endless cycle of eating “clean” during the week and cheating on weekends, stuck with a guilty conscience and a bad relationship with food?


So what should I do? 

For more information, get a recommendation from a Peerless Coach.

At Peerless Athletics, we work with registered dieticians to design custom nutrition plans for our clients.  This is no cookie cutter service.  We design meal plans just for you based on your body type, activity level, food allergies, resting heart rate, and other factors, while recording measurements and getting feedback from you the whole way.  We also provide you with a shopping list of everything you need at the store.

This personalized nutrition service paired with an individualized workout plan is what Peerless Athletics is all about, giving you every resource you need to achieve your fitness goal. 


Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell - CEO and Co-Founder Through my passion to forge myself into the best athlete possible, I developed a love for performance training. I learned and experienced that with the right training and the right coach, any athlete can change their body and maximize their performance. The passion I experienced as an athlete trying to find the best training regimen to achieve all my goals was the foundation for starting Peerless Athletics. I began a journey to find the “Holy Grail” of training by learning from great coaches and combining the best parts of each system into one complete training system: Peerless Athletics. I have personally been trained by the best performance coaches in the country including: - Mike Boyle (Director of S&C for the Boston Red Sox) - Dennis Logan (Head of NFL Combine Prep Program at EXOS) - Keenan Robinson (North Baltimore Swim Club and Michael Phelps’ SC) - Rob Oshinskie (Owner/Founder of Victory Sports and Performance) - Joel Saunders (Director of Adult Performance Training at EXOS) - Dennis Keiser (Owner/Founder of Keiser pneumantics) - Rob Taylor (Owner of Smarter Team Training) - Mike Gittleson (Fmr. U. of Michigan S&C Coach) - Augie Maurelli (Fmr. U. of Delaware S&C Coach) - Scott Moody (Owner/Founder of AthleteFIT) - Kevin Boyle (Director for Explosive Performance) - Chris Gorres (Regional Director for Explosive Performance) Athletic Accomplishments: As a walk-on at the University of Delaware, I beat the odds by earning a starting position and a full athletic scholarship. I played fullback/h-back and linebacker for the Blue Hens from 2009-2011. In 2010 we won our conference, the CAA, and went to the D-1 FCS Championship Game. After college, I used the Peerless Athletics Training System to improve my combine stats dramatically. I was invited to the NFL Super Regional Combine to workout in front of all 32 NFL teams. I would have never got to that stage without Peerless Athletics Training Systems which is why I am now dedicated to providing every person I work with the opportunity to use our system and become the best version of themselves.