November 2014 Athlete of the Month: Alex Forsman

Alex Forsman participates in the most popular sport in the U.S. today, running.  Like most runners, Alex enjoys the physical and mental challenge of the sport and wanted to complete the ultimate test of endurance: the marathon.  

Alex was committed to accomplishing her goal and her training.  “I would run 5-6 days a week and averaged around 40 miles per week,” Alex told Peerless.

Besides for doing a few basic stretches, her training consisted of only running.  She was fit and over time, had greatly improved her endurance.  She completed her first marathon in October of 2011 with a time of 4hrs and 52 minutes, averaging 11:08 minutes per mile.

She had caught the running bug and was ready to sign up for another marathon right away.  But the wear and tear of her sport was beginning to take its toll on her body.  And that is completely normal, just check out some of these statistics:

-       65% of all runners will be injured in any year

-       For every 100 hours of running, the average runner will sustain 1 running injury

-       The average runner will miss 5-10% of their workouts due to injury each year

-       50% of the injuries are new, while 50% of the rest are recurrences of previous problems

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“It was just a lot of volume and I started to experience some low back pain.”

That’s when she started Peerless Athletics, a workout routine that she has continuously followed for over 18 months now.   “I really wanted to get a faster time but also knew I couldn’t continue to train like I did for my first marathon…”

While training for her next marathon with Peerless Athletics, Alex actually cut 2 days of running out of her training and replaced it with a Peerless Athletics strength-training program.

“I had never lifted a weight before in my life when I started so I loved knowing I was doing the right things in the gym.”

The results were amazing.  By running less and focusing on getting stronger, Alex dropped her next marathon time by over 30 minutes and had greatly reduced her low back pain.  Her average mile time had gone from 11:08 to 9:30 in 6 months while overall her total time dropped from 4hrs and 52 minutes to 4 hrs and 21 minutes.

“I’ve been consistently on a Peerless program for a year and a half and I love it… It’s great to be able to go in, get a great workout, know I’m doing the right things and I can do it on my own time around my schedule”


Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell - CEO and Co-Founder Through my passion to forge myself into the best athlete possible, I developed a love for performance training. I learned and experienced that with the right training and the right coach, any athlete can change their body and maximize their performance. The passion I experienced as an athlete trying to find the best training regimen to achieve all my goals was the foundation for starting Peerless Athletics. I began a journey to find the “Holy Grail” of training by learning from great coaches and combining the best parts of each system into one complete training system: Peerless Athletics. I have personally been trained by the best performance coaches in the country including: - Mike Boyle (Director of S&C for the Boston Red Sox) - Dennis Logan (Head of NFL Combine Prep Program at EXOS) - Keenan Robinson (North Baltimore Swim Club and Michael Phelps’ SC) - Rob Oshinskie (Owner/Founder of Victory Sports and Performance) - Joel Saunders (Director of Adult Performance Training at EXOS) - Dennis Keiser (Owner/Founder of Keiser pneumantics) - Rob Taylor (Owner of Smarter Team Training) - Mike Gittleson (Fmr. U. of Michigan S&C Coach) - Augie Maurelli (Fmr. U. of Delaware S&C Coach) - Scott Moody (Owner/Founder of AthleteFIT) - Kevin Boyle (Director for Explosive Performance) - Chris Gorres (Regional Director for Explosive Performance) Athletic Accomplishments: As a walk-on at the University of Delaware, I beat the odds by earning a starting position and a full athletic scholarship. I played fullback/h-back and linebacker for the Blue Hens from 2009-2011. In 2010 we won our conference, the CAA, and went to the D-1 FCS Championship Game. After college, I used the Peerless Athletics Training System to improve my combine stats dramatically. I was invited to the NFL Super Regional Combine to workout in front of all 32 NFL teams. I would have never got to that stage without Peerless Athletics Training Systems which is why I am now dedicated to providing every person I work with the opportunity to use our system and become the best version of themselves.