August 2014 Athlete of the Month: Steve Sheridan

Steve Sheridan

Steve Sheridan is our Athlete of the Month for August, 2014.  Steve has been  training with Peerless Athletics for 2-12 week cycles (6 months) and has followed his program religiously.

Take a look at Steve's stats when we pre-tested him back in November 2013   and how far he has come since we post-tested him in June 2014

November 2013                                                               June 2014

Height -              6'                                                              Height -                6'

Weight -             175                                                           Weight -               188

40 yard dash -   4.87                                                         40 yard dash -       4.78

Broad Jump -    8'8''                                                           Broad Jump -        9'

Vertical Jump - 26.5''                                                         Vertical Jump -  29.5"

Squat Max -       255                                                          Squat Max - 255x6 (295)

After just 2 cycles with Peerless Athletics, Steve has improved his athleticism, strength, speed, and power.  How did Steve do it?  "I just wanted to get better and I was very self motivated.  I believed in the program and started seeing results which made me want to work harder and look forward to hitting the gym everyday."

The biggest motivator for Steve's hard work is to get back on the football field.  After a successful high school career,  Steve, like many talented athletes, was overlooked by college coaches.  But that was then, and this is now.  There is no doubt about it, Steve will get back on the field.  His hard work this past year will catch a coaches eye.   Great work Steve, we expect great things from you in the future!


Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell - CEO and Co-Founder Through my passion to forge myself into the best athlete possible, I developed a love for performance training. I learned and experienced that with the right training and the right coach, any athlete can change their body and maximize their performance. The passion I experienced as an athlete trying to find the best training regimen to achieve all my goals was the foundation for starting Peerless Athletics. I began a journey to find the “Holy Grail” of training by learning from great coaches and combining the best parts of each system into one complete training system: Peerless Athletics. I have personally been trained by the best performance coaches in the country including: - Mike Boyle (Director of S&C for the Boston Red Sox) - Dennis Logan (Head of NFL Combine Prep Program at EXOS) - Keenan Robinson (North Baltimore Swim Club and Michael Phelps’ SC) - Rob Oshinskie (Owner/Founder of Victory Sports and Performance) - Joel Saunders (Director of Adult Performance Training at EXOS) - Dennis Keiser (Owner/Founder of Keiser pneumantics) - Rob Taylor (Owner of Smarter Team Training) - Mike Gittleson (Fmr. U. of Michigan S&C Coach) - Augie Maurelli (Fmr. U. of Delaware S&C Coach) - Scott Moody (Owner/Founder of AthleteFIT) - Kevin Boyle (Director for Explosive Performance) - Chris Gorres (Regional Director for Explosive Performance) Athletic Accomplishments: As a walk-on at the University of Delaware, I beat the odds by earning a starting position and a full athletic scholarship. I played fullback/h-back and linebacker for the Blue Hens from 2009-2011. In 2010 we won our conference, the CAA, and went to the D-1 FCS Championship Game. After college, I used the Peerless Athletics Training System to improve my combine stats dramatically. I was invited to the NFL Super Regional Combine to workout in front of all 32 NFL teams. I would have never got to that stage without Peerless Athletics Training Systems which is why I am now dedicated to providing every person I work with the opportunity to use our system and become the best version of themselves.